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Wireshark is wellknown packet analyzer, so if you wanna mess arround to your neighboorhood, install this. But today i not show how to used it (maybe next time) but i will show ho o install it in *HARD” way, how ? that we compile it self.

Step 1: Download the source from here :

Step 2: Go to directory that that source my case is in /home/myusername/wireshark/
so you must do :
cd home/myusername/wireshark/

Step 3: change to root please:
$ sudo bash
it will be asking for your password, so enter your password

the the terminal goes by :
that sign # mean you now on root.

Step 4 : Extract that you downladed :
#tar -xvf wireshark-1.4.3.tar.bz2

Step 4: Before we compile, we need additional packet, so just type this :

#aptitude install autoconf libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libgeoip-dev libpcre3-dev libpcap0.8-dev libtool byacc flex subversion

Step 5: Now, time to compiling the source code:

#cd wireshark-1.4.3


This will take some time, but after eventually complete. Type:
#make install

To use wireshark, use :
sh wireshark

Hope it give a damn clue ….
inspired from :



  1. Well, installing a compiled package straight to your system is not recommended, since it could break many things and you’ll find it difficult to keep track on which files belong to which application or library (thus, which files cause a breakdown, which files to clean if you want to uninstall). I’ve been bugged by a persistent compile error with ffmpeg-based multimedia applications, only to find out that the problem was caused by older ffmpeg headers I’ve manually installed a year ago in /usr/local/include.
    Now if I have to build from source, I always build it as a standard distro’s package (in case of BlankOn, they are those .deb files), and install it using the distro’s package management system. This way I can manage the application/library neatly, without leaving any mess behind.

    • Yes You’re a right, compile from source it has a chance to mess up everything (our system), but that a fun part using GNU/Linux OS. And the advantage we build from source is we get knowledge how it works of that app, what file that being used.

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