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If you really desperate how to installing some network Simulator called NS-2 this could be fix your broken heart:

Make sure your sistem operating is good damn Linux Operating System, in my case i use BlankOn Operating System version 6.1 Ombilin(Cool Indonesian Linux Operating System). You can download it from :

Ok lets got to rock:

1. Get the “key”:

#apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-keys B3F3334F

2. Edit your source list :

#gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

3. add this line :

deb karmic main

deb-src karmic main

4. Update your source list with :

#apt-get update

5. Install NS-2 without tears:

#apt-get install ns nam xgraph

Yes. It’s Done. You don’t need set PATH or else. Just check it with command :


Then the command character change with : %. To Exit just type “exit” (without “”). Or just do an example with download this (please change the extension from simple.tcl.odt with simple.tcl) then run with command :
%ns simple.tcl
You will see this result :

Install NS-2 without tears ..

Install NS-2 without tears ..

Hope it’s work.


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