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Yeah…, using default dia , it’ not enough for creating cool presentation abaout networking, yeah we need another icon. We can download it from here . Ok let do this.

1. Install Dia (if you never installed it):

$ sudo apt-get install dia

2. Copy your icon that you already download from here, to /usr/share/dia/

$ sudo cp /home/your-user/Downloads/rib-network-v0.1.tar.gz /usr/share/dia/

3. Go to directory  /usr/share/dia/ :

$ sudo cd  /usr/share/dia/

4. Extract your icon
$ sudo tar zxvf rib-network-v0.1.tar.gz

5. Open your dia.

6.  Pick icon via “Other Sheet” –> “RIB-Network” then tarra, this the result:

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