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Yeah.., what you talk about dude? Are you write a comparison about Microsoft Windows and BlankOn GNU/Linux?

No, I think the best word is An Alternative and become solutions, because an alternative give a meaning that you can do same thing with different tool, so not to focus which better. OK let ask me !

Q #1: My Computer always get virus, do you have an alternatives antivirus ?

A #1: No, I don’t have an alternatives antivirus, but I have alternatives way to get rid it. That Install antivirus that virus cannot be attack it. The Operating System called GNU/Linux, GNU/Linux has a many kind, choose as you like. The information that you can get is in : or

Q#2:What about licenses? Are we need spent money like we were?

A #2: No, It’s free licenses, but you must know and remember, the GNU/Linux, licenses it’s not just free, but the true meaning of free in here is freedom. Freedom to get, freedom to share, freedom to learn and modified it. The licenses called GPL. So what you waiting for ? grab GNU/linux Now!!!!

Q #3: Is there any office application like i used to ?

A #3: Yes, there is many kind in GNU/Linux, but i suggested to you use Libre Office.

Q #4: what about design graphics software ?

A #4: Yeah…, we have Gimp, Inkscape and it’s a rocks designing graphic tools.

Q #5:what about entertainment tools ?

A #5:Yeah we have exaile, audacious VLC.

Q #6: And what about driver for printer …?

A #6: Well, with my experience, i never installed a driver printer since i using linux, you know why ? because magically linux can detect most of printer that human used to it.

(To be continued)


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