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Yeah…, using default dia , it’ not enough for creating cool presentation abaout networking, yeah we need another icon. We can download it from here . Ok let do this.

1. Install Dia (if you never installed it):

$ sudo apt-get install dia

2. Copy your icon that you already download from here, to /usr/share/dia/

$ sudo cp /home/your-user/Downloads/rib-network-v0.1.tar.gz /usr/share/dia/

3. Go to directory  /usr/share/dia/ :

$ sudo cd  /usr/share/dia/

4. Extract your icon
$ sudo tar zxvf rib-network-v0.1.tar.gz

5. Open your dia.

6.  Pick icon via “Other Sheet” –> “RIB-Network” then tarra, this the result:

Other links:



Yeah, long title, but short way to solve it, “remote” it’s like controlling other operating system which can be same OS or different, the activity kindly like remoting your television, got it ?

Ok how ?

Remote Desktop use protocol called remote desktop protocol, that protocol just design to communicate other OS with Microsoft Windows Machine, in GNU/Linux for using RDP, we need to install package called “rdekstop”, how to get this stuff:

#apt-get install rdesktop

Afer it finished, use with command :


i.e, we want remote computer with IP, then command :


If you want to display fullscreen, just add command :

#rdesktop -A

and..tarra…, you can acces Microsoft Windows Machine from GNU/linux


More about RDP :

More about rdekstop :

This Screenshot from mine:

Bahasa Version :