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Try this..!

BlankOn Operating System. There is one answer for this many question :

1. Do you super easy Operating System to Operate ?

2. Did you know the Robustness Operating System Prevent all kind of virus ?

3. Do you know great community that always concern educated people with better education especially with IT ?

Only one answer. Use BlankOn Linux. There is many reason you use Linux :

1. Freedom to Use, its mean freedom to download, freedom to modification, freedom sell it.

2. Easy to Operate.

3. If you feel inconvenient just tell to forum because blankon user community a great community and always concern educated people with better education especially with IT.

4. Free from Virus, you don need install any Anti virus.

5. Low hardware requirement.

6. Support many language, especially local tribe language in Indonesia

7. This my favorite.., you no need Windows OS, so you can get rid it very easy.

8. Once install it, you Install your basic program that you need such as: Office, Browser, Music/movie/VCD/DVD/MP3 player, Internet Application(Browser, Chat), Utility(Startup Disk, Disk burner), Do you found this when you install Windows.. ?

9. Many more… Where I do supposed to start ? Just click and not satisfied just email me and  chat with me : I will installed to you for free*


*With one condition, No Dual boot with windows. That`s all.



Wireshark is wellknown packet analyzer, so if you wanna mess arround to your neighboorhood, install this. But today i not show how to used it (maybe next time) but i will show ho o install it in *HARD” way, how ? that we compile it self.

Step 1: Download the source from here :

Step 2: Go to directory that that source my case is in /home/myusername/wireshark/
so you must do :
cd home/myusername/wireshark/

Step 3: change to root please:
$ sudo bash
it will be asking for your password, so enter your password

the the terminal goes by :
that sign # mean you now on root.

Step 4 : Extract that you downladed :
#tar -xvf wireshark-1.4.3.tar.bz2

Step 4: Before we compile, we need additional packet, so just type this :

#aptitude install autoconf libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libgeoip-dev libpcre3-dev libpcap0.8-dev libtool byacc flex subversion

Step 5: Now, time to compiling the source code:

#cd wireshark-1.4.3


This will take some time, but after eventually complete. Type:
#make install

To use wireshark, use :
sh wireshark

Hope it give a damn clue ….
inspired from :

What ? Are you out your mind ? Do you nuts? Why you need that damn problem ? You do not like peaceful thing ?No…no.., i really support the peacefull things, i’m not trouble maker, This problem connected with IT stuff, IT experience and research in IT world, as an example : was, i windows user, but it give damn virus problem, it’s not guarantee, when every day updating our antivirus, and not guarantee too when we use anti adware, antispyware. So googling little bit, then i read some an article(*sorry i forgot the URL, but now i still find it) that article says, Linux is no need Antivirus ? Hah? what ? how it could be?, I read more and more. OK that’s it. I quit!.
When i decided to be very good guy with migrating to linux, i really got a damn much problem, like my sound card laptop not working, cannot play .avi files, , extremly, my wifi card can be used, only Ethernet Card is being used, honestly it consuming my resource though, but i never feel exhaust, and otherwise, it give me some curious feeling over and over again, and yeah, i don’t think it useless to solve my problem.

Many friend give some shit with saying” why you so hardening to use some difficult operating system ?”, “why you dont use a very very easy Operating System, like windows ?”, “it only click setup thing when you need install”. “and many people use it”. and bla .. bla…, yeah it’s true that using windows easier but i can tell you about my feeling right know, that linux is a easiest. When use linux i have some great feeling, give me feel to share  a lot, and make me wanna be a lecture, with purpose sharing my knowledge. And now as lecture i push my student use open document format to make report on their assignment, i don’t accept other format, like my lecture was, he push me using .doc and .ppt format. I think, it’s ok if i push the same way. What about you ? still using Microsoft Windows ? think again!
* write at indomaret cafe, ahmad yani street, when waiting for traffic .