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Dear reader, this time i will share how much “cloud storage” if you have just one single mail account. But before we go, just say you have one single google mail account.

1. Dropbox
Service from dropbox will give you 2 GB. And will be more if you :
Connect to your facebook account (get free 250MB), Posting about dropbox to Twitter (125 MB), Follow @Dropbox on Twitter(125 MB), Linking with Twitter (125MB), Tell the team, why you love Dropbox (125 MB), Just Follow the tutorial (250 MB). Refer friend to use dropbox, and your friend use dropbox, you will get 500MB per friends and upto 16 GB.

So total if you do above activity, you will earn more than 18GB For free, just from Dropbox. This my Rock star cloud service apps, not only because the biggest free online cloud storage that they give, but also among the developer team, there is my rock star Guido van Rossum(@gvanrossum)

2. Google Drive (
If you already have Google mail, you will get 5GB Free Space to store your document, photos and soon to the cloud storage.

3. Microsoft Sky Drive.
In this service you will get 7 GB for free. Yeah 7GB for free!!!. Thanks for this.

4. Box (
It’s not Dropbox, it’s box. Guest what, how much “box” give us for free ? 5GB. Just sign up, verify your email, and enjoy your 5GB free Cloud Storage.

So Far, how much what we get? 1+2+3+4 = 35GB more. Hmm, it’s enough for me as student. The next things to do is just make an little note and separate my files, where i put photo’s, document, work, and research.

But, if you still not so satisfied, this article [0] may help you.


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